There are several companies offering the facility of a ‘Pre-Purchase Car Inspection’ which determines the actual status/condition of the car/vehicle a customer is looking to purchase. Below you will see a price plan from the AA (Automobile Association) which will give you an idea on what prices are being offered. (The listed prices are correct at time of print and are subject to change notice of which will be given prior to purchase if required by the customer.)

Dreamthecar at the customer’s request will arrange (with no arrangement fee) a ‘Pre-Purchase Car Inspection’ with any UK industry recognisable company.

AA Pre-purchase inspections checks:

BASIC Inspection (Cars Up To 8 Years old)

Engine Size AA Member NON Member
Up To 1800cc £128 £142
Over 1801cc  £146 £162

COMPREHENSIVE Inspection (Cars Up To 15 Years old)

Engine Size AA Member NON Member
Up To 1400cc £172 £172 £191 £191
1401 to 2000cc  £182 £182 £202 £202
2001 to 2500cc  £229 £263 £254 £294
Over 2500cc  £275 £309 £305 £345

Prices can be subject to change but will be confirmed with you

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