The information set out below explains in further detail the services which Dreamthecar Ltd offers, how it performs those services, and the obligations on you the customer during the process.


All customer payments are to be transferred into the Dreamthecar Client account. Dreamthecar will  make all payments to each vendor/supplier on your behalf.

Dreamthecar will have no legal responsibility for any part of the organised event. All third-party insurances and waivers are provided by the contacted vendors/companies and should be viewed by each paying customer/company and complied with in the interest of all involved parties. All event documentation will be provided via email or by post to our customers for their perusal.


The customer understands and accepts that Dreamthecar Ltd provides a car finding service, not a car buying service.  Once a car/vehicle has been identified by Dreamthecar Ltd and you the customer decide to proceed to purchase, Dreamthecar Ltd has no further involvement with the transaction which may subsequently take place between you the customer and the seller.

To activate the car/vehicle finding process the customer submits the Car Search Request Form, via the Dreamthecar Ltd website.

The customer is presumed to have read these Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy prior to the submission of the Car Search Request Form will be deemed to have accepted and understood the same.

Throughout the process Dreamthecar Ltd will only accept oral instructions by phone or in person if confirmed via text, email or letter.

You the customer must fully define all your vehicle requirements in the Car Search Request Form.

Dreamthecar Ltd will check and confirm the Car Search Request Form initially by phone and then, if required by either or both parties (Dreamthecar Ltd and/or customer), by email or post to ensure the customer’s requirements are agreed.

The Car Search Request Form will show the following information:

  • The customer’s full name and address including the delivery address.
  • Full details of the car required as set out in the original Car Search Request Form, including any additional extras previously agreed by email/telephone.
  • The maximum amount of money you are prepared to spend to buy the car/vehicle.
  • Any other specific additional requirements.
  • Full details of any part exchange vehicle including your car’s valuation, depending on condition.

The customer warrants that all the information provided in the Car Search Request Form is correct and up to date.  Dreamthecar Ltd will store this data and process it in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Should there be any changes to a customer’s car requirements they must be recorded and confirmed by email or in writing, Dreamthecar Ltd will re-issue the adjusted Car Search Request Form at the customer’s request confirming any additions.

Once the customer has approved the Car Search Request Form, Dreamthecar Ltd will ask for an initial refundable deposit of £50.00 for the service requested, which is required as confirmation to proceed with the search for the customer’s next car.

Dreamthecar Ltd will then use its reasonable endeavours to identify cars/vehicles that meet (where possible) the requirements stipulated in the Car Search Request Form.

However, should Dreamthecar Ltd be unable to locate a car/vehicle that reasonably satisfies the criteria stipulated in the Car Search Request Form within 21 days, unless otherwise agreed in advance in writing, Dreamthecar Ltd guarantees to offer customers a full refund of the initial deposit.

On receipt of the deposit into Dreamthecar Ltd.’s bank account we will begin searching for your next car. (We aim to offer up to three car choices per Car Search Request Form where possible or necessary as deemed by both Dreamthecar Ltd and our customer).

We will conduct all required “Data Checks” for used cars to ensure each car recommended to you has been correctly registered with DVLA and ensure an HPI check (minimum) has been actioned confirming the car is legally ready for purchase. Brand new cars will not need “Data Checks” as they have not yet been registered.

Dreamthecar Ltd will be in contact with the customer keeping them informed with the progress of their enquiry.


Once Dreamthecar Ltd has found the car(s) matching (as close as possible) the requirements detailed in the Car Search Request Form; successfully completed any required “Data Checks”; and having ALL additional requests confirmed and approved by the customer, the balance of the chosen Price Plan becomes payable.  Once payment is received by Dreamthecar Ltd, the information required to contact the seller(s) will be forwarded.

Should the customer decide at any stage throughout the process of finding their next car that they no longer wish to proceed any further with the Car Search Request Form application, any funds paid to Dreamthecar Ltd at that point will not be refunded to the customer. It is therefore important that your request for Dreamthecar Ltd to find you your next car is a decision made after considerable thought and discussion with any of your peers if required.


Having provided all the information requested on the “Car Search Request Form” to enable you the customer to proceed with your chosen purchase, our services come to a conclusion.

However, we would like you consider the following steps when approaching the dealer/seller:

  • where applicable (seller may be a private seller and not a dealer) request a minimum of 3 months (preferably 6 or 12 months, complimentary) Nationwide parts and labour warranty.
  • If the car/vehicle is almost due a service or MOT (and Dreamthecar Ltd have not been requested to negotiate services by you the customer) you may wish to consider asking the seller to perform either one of the services prior to the car purchase which will also confirm the car’s current legal and health condition. They may provide the service free of charge or if not FOC a mutually beneficial agreement between you and the seller may be required to facilitate the Service or MoT to satisfy your requirements.
  • Additional replacement keys should be requested to the trader or dealer preferably prior to car collection or delivery.  If buying from a private seller you may need to approach the car’s Manufacturer or a main franchised dealer to organise a replacement set of keys. You can organise this independently after a car sale has taken place if preferred.
  • The customer could (where possible if distance is not an issue) thoroughly inspect the proposed “new” car prior to making any purchase with the supplier (especially if an independent AA check or equivalent company has not been requested by our customer). If the car is located at a distance deemed not commutable by the customer could organise a mutually beneficial “payment on delivery” method/approach otherwise known as “cash on delivery”. This will encourage that the car is professionally prepared for delivery in the knowledge that all “Car Checks” have already been performed and verified by Listed professional companies and that all reports obtained by Dreamthecar Ltd have been sent, received and confirmed by you our customer.
  • It would be suggested that the vehicle is transported whilst covered on a secure high back vehicle to prevent any damage whilst in transit to you (such as stone chips that can happen when driving behind another vehicle).
  • On delivery of your car/vehicle, should the proposed car/vehicle not meet with our customer’s complete satisfaction the customer should contact the seller immediately to dialogue with them all observations discovered and hence come to a satisfactory decision/arrangement to complete the purchase of the vehicle if not bought in advance of delivery.
  • The customer is required by UK law to make sure the purchased vehicle/car has UK Road Tax on the day the customer receives delivery or collects the vehicle/car from the seller. At the customer’s request Road Tax could be organised by the dealer prior to collection or delivery. The customer also has the option to pay for the Road Tax online at DVLA.
  • The customer is to recognise that Motor Insurance will need to be arranged to coincide with the day the car is delivered or collected by yourself.

Please note that Dreamthecar Ltd is not responsible or liable for the purchase of any car made by you the customer. Dreamthecar Ltd has been authorised by you the customer only to search and locate a car that meets your specification and requirements (Car Search Request Form) to help make your next car purchase as easy and effortless as possible.  Where Dreamthecar Ltd has undertaken at your request “Data Checks” and considered the Service History/MOT schedules available to seek to identify the current health/condition and legal registration of the proposed car/vehicle prior to your purchase of the vehicle, Dreamthecar Ltd will use reliable and recognised third-party providers and therefore can only rely on the accuracy of the information provided by those third-parties.

Dreamthecar Ltd, currently are not at liberty or qualified to offer our customers our own finance/insurance or warranty services of any kind as we are not brokers or affiliated to the Financial Conduct Authority.


Dreamthecar Ltd, when requested, will organise an independent pre-purchase car inspection service performed by a nationally recognised and approved qualified company (such as the AA, RAC or any such company requested by the customer) which can/will include a comprehensive road test if requested by the customer to ensure that every aspect of the intended customers next car is tested, approved and confirmed as fully operational and fit for purchase.

Dreamthecar Ltd will ensure that ALL “Car Checks” performed by HPI (and/or associated/similar companies) will include mileage verification, Service History records and for cars over 3 years old any MOT history to date. We also ensure (as far as deemed possible with all provided reputable information) all cars have not been involved in an accident, previously recorded as stolen and are totally free of any outstanding finance and as such we will forward all received “official paperwork” to you for your perusal, hence providing you with peace of mind and confidence and as such confirmation that your next car is of legal condition and hopefully still available for you to purchase.

The customer accepts that Dreamthecar Ltd cannot be responsible for any defects in the car identified after purchase and any issues arising in this regard need to be addressed to the seller/provider.  Dreamthecar Ltd will provide reasonable assistance with any discussions with the seller/provider, where appropriate, but will have no liability to the Customer in respect of the price paid and no refund of Dreamthecar Ltd.’s fees will be provided as it will be the Customer’s decision to purchase.


Customers who complete the online Car Valuation form on the Dreamthecar Ltd website will receive a recognised professionally approved car valuation. (Cap, Parkers etc). Should a verbal communication take place at any time regarding the car valuation details, all new details will be confirmed by email.

The provided trade in value will also be based on different car conditional parameters (such as age, mileage and the car/vehicle’s current condition: – poor, average, good, excellent) and can only be confirmed once the car/vehicle has been thoroughly inspected by the recipient, confirmed and then mutually agreed with the customer prior to any agreed sale.

The trade-in values provided by a recognised authority will be valid for a period disclosed at the time of the valuation by that company (eg: Cap or Parkers.)

Dreamthecar Ltd cannot guarantee that the valuation obtained will be accepted as the trade in value.


All payments to Dreamthecar Ltd are to be received via the internet utilising a secure electronic payment method, or if preferred by the customer either send a cheque or payment by a bank transfer.

Unless you choose to pay the full amount at the start, Dreamthecar Ltd will only proceed with each stage of the car finding service or any optional services, as detailed in the Price Plans, when a customer’s monies have been paid into our bank account as cleared funds.  This helps us confirm that you fully understand how we operate and that you are positive about your desire for Dreamthecar Ltd to find your next car.

Please note, payments made by credit/debit cards will need several days before turning into cleared funds into our bank account.



All payments made to Dreamthecar Ltd will be confirmed by either electronic receipt and or email or letter as mutually agreed/preferred by the customer.

Payments can be made using:             Credit or Debit cards


Bank Transfers

Cheques sent by post (should be made payable to Dreamthecar Ltd’)

Cheques paid in person to be made payable to Dreamthecar Ltd.

All Bank Draft / Building Society Cheques, drawn to “Dreamthecar Ltd”, are to be supported with two forms of identification, which must include (to comply with UK Anti-Money laundering regulations) photo ID, and a recent utility bill with present home address.

Cash (up to £500).


Should Dreamthecar Ltd be unable to locate a car/vehicle that reasonably satisfies the criteria stipulated in the Car Search Request Form within 21 days, unless otherwise agreed in advance in writing, Dreamthecar Ltd guarantees to offer the customer a full refund of their payment.


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